Selected by St Albans Film Festival (again).

Official Selection St Albans Film Festival

I’m delighted to announce that ‘The Toadlickers’ – the music video I directed & produced for 5 times Grammy Award nominated electronic music icon, inventor of the polyphonic ringtone synthesiser, Musical Director of the TED Conference and first Homewood Professor of the Arts at Johns Hopkins University, Thomas Dolby, has been selected by the St Albans International Film Festival.

This is the second time that St Albans International Film Festival has selected one of my music videos. Last year they screened ‘Every Time I See You I Go Wild’ – the video I directed & produced for B.E.F. featuring Kim Wilde.

‘The Toadlickers’ will be shown at a 71 minute screening with the 14 other selected promos. The exact date & time of this screening will be announced on the festival’s web site as soon as their programme is finalised.

St Albans International Film Festival takes place 1st-3rd May 2015 in St Albans and, having attended last year, it’s a festival I highly recommend.

Davey Award Win!

davey_silver_thumb davey_silver_bug

I am pleased to announce that ‘Every Time I See You I Go Wild’ – the B.E.F. video that I directed and produced, featuring Kim Wilde, has just won a Davey Award!

I would like to thank the International Academy of the Visual Arts for this honour, everyone involved in the production…and, of course, the dark forces of evil…

This is my second Davey Award win, the first one being for the ‘Toadlickers’ video that I Directed and Produced for Thomas Dolby

daveylogo_thumb iavalogo_thumb

Paul D TV on Vimeo

Rejoice…I have finally launched my Vimeo presence with, what else but my double award winning Thomas Dolby promo, ‘The Toadlickers’.

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Sidney Lumet RIP

One of the last true greats of American cinema, Sidney Lumet, passed away today at his home in Manhattan, aged 86.

His first feature ‘Twelve Angry Men‘ is not just one of my all time favourite films, but a masterclass in how to tell a compelling and meaningful story without the need for expensive locations, elaborate set design, unnecessary camera movements and cliché ridden over-scoring.

Celebrate his films. Tell everyone about them. Just don’t mention ‘The Wiz’.