Edinburgh Photos

Following on from my recent pieces about this year’s Edinburgh Fringe Festival & Media Guardian Edinburgh International Television Festival here are some photos I took whilst in the city.

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012 (1 of 17).jpg

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Canon EOS 5D Mark III Clean HDMI Out Firmware Announced!

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Nine months ago, in a piece about the just announced Nikon D4, I wrote “Chief amongst these features is a clean, uncompressed 4:2:2 HDMI feed with simultaneous output to the D4′s rear monitor…a clean uncompressed 1080p output…[is] MAJOR news, both in terms of what the Nikon D4 can offer filmmakers and because it could force Canon to reverse its decision not to provide a clean, uncompressed HDMI output on the 1D X. In fact, it could mean, dare I say it, a clean, uncompressed HDMI output on the Canon 5D Mark III…” Well nine months later, Canon has given birth to (the announcement of) a new firmware update that will provide the EOS 5D Mark III with a clean uncompressed (8 bit) 4:2:2 HDMI output. Continue reading “Canon EOS 5D Mark III Clean HDMI Out Firmware Announced!”

And so it Begins… Nikon D4 HDSLR Announced!

I recently wrote “..if you thought 2011 was an important year for cameras, photographers and  filmmakers…you ain’t seen nothing yet!” Well we’re only 6 days into the new year and one of the most important cameras of 2012 has just been announced…the Nikon D4!  Continue reading “And so it Begins… Nikon D4 HDSLR Announced!”

Canon EOS 1D X Hands On Report

Canon EOS-1D X

Last Tuesday I got up close and personal with the new Canon EOS 1D X HDSLR and Canon Pixma Pro-1 printer, at the Canon Pro Solutions Show 2011. Continue reading “Canon EOS 1D X Hands On Report”

The Great Camera Shootout 2011

Last month, Zacuto invited me to the London Screening of their Single Chip Camera Evaluation, in which Robert Primes ASC put 12 cameras through 15 tests. The results were shown to industry audiences around the world and the discussions that followed were filmed, edited and combined with Primes’ test footage, to create ‘The Great Camera Shootout 2011’. Like the 2010 Shootout, this latest documentary is being released in three monthly instalments, the first of which is available now on Zacuto’s web site. Continue reading “The Great Camera Shootout 2011”