Happy 5th Birthday Canon 5D Mk II

Planet 5D eBook Cover

Today is the 5th birthday of the birth of the HDSLR revolution and to celebrate, Planet 5D is giving away a free 130 page eBook that’s jam packed with the thoughts of such luminaries as Shane Hurlbut and Stu Maschwitz, on the future of HDSLRs. There is also a contribution from myself. You can get the book (and 3 others) by signing up for Planet 5D’s list here.

Happy Birthday Canon!

Vote For The Toadlickers

The ‘Toadlickers’ video that I Directed & Produced for Thomas Dolby, is in The Sony PROduction Awards and is open to a public vote. If you would like to vote for Toadlickers to win, you can do so by clicking here.


Canon EOS 5D Mark III Clean HDMI Out Firmware Announced!

Canon EOS 5D Mark III

Nine months ago, in a piece about the just announced Nikon D4, I wrote “Chief amongst these features is a clean, uncompressed 4:2:2 HDMI feed with simultaneous output to the D4′s rear monitor…a clean uncompressed 1080p output…[is] MAJOR news, both in terms of what the Nikon D4 can offer filmmakers and because it could force Canon to reverse its decision not to provide a clean, uncompressed HDMI output on the 1D X. In fact, it could mean, dare I say it, a clean, uncompressed HDMI output on the Canon 5D Mark III…” Well nine months later, Canon has given birth to (the announcement of) a new firmware update that will provide the EOS 5D Mark III with a clean uncompressed (8 bit) 4:2:2 HDMI output. Continue reading “Canon EOS 5D Mark III Clean HDMI Out Firmware Announced!”

And so it Begins… Nikon D4 HDSLR Announced!

I recently wrote “..if you thought 2011 was an important year for cameras, photographers and  filmmakers…you ain’t seen nothing yet!” Well we’re only 6 days into the new year and one of the most important cameras of 2012 has just been announced…the Nikon D4!  Continue reading “And so it Begins… Nikon D4 HDSLR Announced!”

New Cameras in 2012

2011 was an important year for cameras, photographers and filmmakers. In the wake of the HDSLR revolution brought about by the Canon EOS 5D Mark II, manufacturers finally got the message (more or less) that what independent filmmakers want is a large sensor, interchangeable lens camera, with a professional feature set, at an affordable price and responded with the Panasonic AG-AF101, Sony PMW-F3, Sony NEX-FS100 and Red Scarlet. But, it wasn’t just about large sensor camcorders. Panasonic understood the need for a small(ish), full HD, broadcast quality camcorder and released their answer to the 8 bit 4:2:2 Canon XF305 – the 10 bit 4:2:2 AVC Intra AG-HPX 250. On the stills front, Fuji realised that real photographers want real cameras in small packages and released the retro styled Finepix X100. However, the much anticipated and widely rumoured Canon 5D Mark III, Nikon D4 and Nikon D800 were nowhere to be seen and the Sony A77 and Sony NEX-7, though announced, were delayed by floods and earthquakes. So what can we expect in 2012? Well given that it is both a Photokina and an Olympics year, a fair bit Actually. Continue reading “New Cameras in 2012”