Creating Post Visual Effects for Paul D’s B.E.F. Kim Wilde Video – GUEST POST by MIKE QUINN

Mike Quinn with his hand up Millie Hare...or was it Sophia Hareless?
Mike Quinn puppeteering on Thomas Dolby’s – ‘The Toadlickers’, Directed by Paul D.

A few years ago I worked with the Director, Paul D., on Thomas Dolby’s music video ‘The Toadlickers’, providing puppet sequences shot against green screen. This involved heavy compositing and tracking of multiple puppet characters, set elements and props, onto footage of Thomas, his band and burlesque dancers. All of the live action footage was shot in the UK, by Paul and his crew, with the Canon 5D Mark II, but as I was in Texas at the time, I had to match the lighting as best as possible on all of the assets I created, to ensure that everything looked seamless once graded.

One of the biggest issues was transferring large multi gigabyte files magically across the Atlantic to Paul so he could review and edit them. Amazingly, eventually, it all actually worked and you would never know that video was shot in two different continents.  So when Paul asked me if I could help with some post visual effects on a new music video he was Directing & Producing for B.E.F. featuring Kim Wilde, I thought it can’t be any harder than the last one and having updated my hardware and software, since then, I knew my new tools would be much more efficient. Continue reading “Creating Post Visual Effects for Paul D’s B.E.F. Kim Wilde Video – GUEST POST by MIKE QUINN”

Jetpack 2.0 for WordPress brings Facebook & Twitter sharing

Screenshot of Jetpack 2.0 for WordPress

Automattic has just released version 2.0 of Jetpack for WordPress and the new functionality that it brings to their ubiquitous blogging platform is enough to make anyone running a self hosted WP installation weep tears of joy.  Continue reading “Jetpack 2.0 for WordPress brings Facebook & Twitter sharing”

Adobe Lightroom 4 Public Beta

Adobe Lightroom is one of my all time favourite applications. I have been using it almost religiously since version 2 was first released, so when the public beta of Lightroom 4 became available three days ago, I downloaded it with some excitement. Although it seems both remarkably stable and feature complete, it is, nevertheless, a beta, so if you decide to download it, you do so at your own risk, should backup everything first and are well advised to import and work with COPIES of your media (and Lightroom catalog). This beta will co-exist with earlier installations of Lightroom, does not require a serial number or activation and will remain fully functional until the final version of Lightroom 4 is released.  Continue reading “Adobe Lightroom 4 Public Beta”